Sunday, 24 May 2009

Shakespeare's Star Trek (a bit more)

Scene II
The Enterprise - Spock's Chambers.

Enter Spock and Christine

Spock: What is this thou dares to lay before me?
Out, out, prying harridan. Shouldst I be
In need of thy soup, ask for it I would.

Enter Kirk. Exit Christine.

Spock: Captain, I present my request to thee.
To Vulcan I bid thee fly. Divergence
From our present bearing would be no more
A loss of distance travel'd by stars' light
Within the passage of two point eight days
And two point eight nights.

Kirk: Spock, what devils drive thee to make of me
Such a request?

Spock: My case I have stated and all I say,
Thine answer I require. Yea, or nay.

Kirk: Let us hear it. Thy manner perplexes.

Spock: If a woman be honest dignity
Requires she not wait upon a man
Not given to her in troth.

Kirk: Thine petition peaks curiousity
More than thy want to hurl soup against walls.

Spock: In faith I have serv'd your voice and your call
For years uncounted. My plea I have made.
Grantest thou or not.

Kirk: Since almost striplings you and I both were
Never hav'st thou sought elsewhere than my side
Refused my calls to seek a balmy shore
Whenever proffered by my hand. Why now?

Spock: Captain, in time thou surely owes enough
Such as my request not be meritless.

Kirk: Aye, but the question remains unanswered
Perchance the cause lies with thy family
A sickening?

Spock: The nature of my request lies elsewhere.

Kirk: The ship makes her heading for Altair Six
Excellent in facilities it be.

Spock: No I must take my leave upon Vulcan.

Kirk: Spock, I ask again. What troubles thee?

Spock: The call of duty wears heavy on me
I may speak no more.

Kirk: Bridge, thy captain speaks.

Sulu: [off] I await thy bidding, my lord.

Kirk: Make heading for Vulcan. Warp factor four.

Sulu: [off] Aye, aye, sir.

Spock: I thank you, captain.

Kirk: Tis oft overlook'd that even Vulcans
Be not form'd from impenetrable steel.

Spock: [Aside] No we are not.


Scene III
Enterprise - Bridge.

Officers of the ship in attendance. Enter Kirk, Spock and Chekov.

Kirk: [Aside] Three three seven two point seven by how
The firmament's spheres measure passing ages
Our course has been fix'd upon Altair Six
By way of Vulcan. First Officer Spock
Inconsistent in temperament be.
Ship's surgeon McCoy regards him with care.

Enter Uhura

Uhura: Captain, a message from Starfleet hast come.
Mark'd as urgent dost it appear to be.

Kirk: Speak, Uhura.

Uhura: To Captain of U.S.S. Enterprise
From Admiral Komack in Sector Nine
Ceremonies held upon Altair Six
Advanced to seven days hence have been.
Thou art commanded to hasten forthwith.

Kirk: Lieutenant Uhura, pen this reply.
Message acknowledged.

Uhura: Aye, aye, sir.

Kirk: Mister Chekov, set forth by the stars.

Chekov: On time's arrow we fly. Vulcan must wait.

Kirk: Make haste for Altair Six, tarry dare not.
The luck of Neptune's passengers have we.
Mr Spock. Our dial fixed to the orbits
Of kingly whims. Altair six's ruler
Makes haste so hasten we. Promise you this
When done with duty to Vulcan we speed.

Spock: My understanding I profess.


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