Sunday, 19 June 2011

First Kindle Book

So I decided to publish a book on Kindle.

Well to so much a book, it's five short stories. Not convinced it's worth the price (couldn't figure out how to get it on there for less than 70p ($0.99), but I suppose I spend about as much on a bag of crisps (potato chips (I'm in UK-US translation mode this evening (afternoon)) and I can finish those in less time than it takes to read even the shortest of the stories. So maybe it's not too much (and a lot less calories too).

A full-length novel will follow. Once I'm happy that I'm not going to completely embarrass myself by putting it out there.


Uncommon Jen said...

Drat. I have a Kobo.

Iain Gibson said...

I'll send you a free copy if you'll do a review. Kobo can handle ePub files, can't it?