Sunday, 19 June 2011


So I've turned moderation on for comments to this blog - too many spam comments. Just so you spammers know that you're wasting your time (although as all the comments seem to be in Japanese, I'm not sure that you'll understand this).

Anyway, while I was deleting them all (it's been a while since I was last using this blog, so there's been a bit of a backlog), I did come across one comment that was actually in English. Insulting, really not the sort of thing I want to read, but in English.

While I was tempted to censor it - I wouldn't have let it through if it had been referring to anyone else - I thought I'd let this one pass. It's the only one that will though - anyone else who wants to call me a moron can do it on their own blog. I have no problem with people wanting to disagree with me (although at least read what I write first before doing so (which dear Charlabrady seems to have failed to do (feel free to read and make up your own mind on that one though))) - but they can at least be polite about it.

The comment is under my post on The Road. I have to admit I did look up the user's blogger account - mainly because I wanted to check that it wasn't Cormac McCarthy's mother having a go at me for being less than effusive about her son's work. Judging by the time the account was set up, it looks as if it may have been set up purely to insult me. Maybe I should feel flattered.

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